Webinar – The Traditional Mediterranean Lifestyle – from Hippocrates into Infinity

Organized by the Municipality of Leros and the Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine Institute, the “Mediterranean Diet or Mediterranean Lifestyle?” seminar took place in Lakki, Leros on May 23rd 19:00 EEST.

Twenty five centuries ago Hippocrates emphasized a holistic approach to medicine, warning doctors not to neglect any body systems when examining a sick person. All lifestyle factors were to be considered when treating disease symptoms. And the advice/treatment should focus not only on alleviating the symptoms but to achieve total wellbeing.

The newly formed Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine Institute’s webinar “The Traditional Mediterranean Lifestyle – from Hippocrates into infinity”, will introduce the concept of the Mediterranean lifestyle as a healthy way of living, a healthy lifestyle that can lead to total wellbeing.


G. Chrousos; Professor and holder of UNESCO Chair on Adolescent Health Care

B. Frates; President Elect, American College of Lifestyle Medicine

E. Gourgouris; PhD, Author, Speaker

C. Itsiopoulos; Professor and Dean; RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

R. Lawson; Chair, British Society LM – President, European LM Council

S. Manger; President, Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine

M. Matsaganis; Associate Professor, Rutgers University, USA

J. Romijn, MD, PhD; Professor of Internal Medicine, Amsterdam UMC, University of Amsterdam

L. Sidossis; Professor and President, Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine Institute

A. Tierney; Associate Professor, University of Limerick, Ireland

S. Ubaldi; President, European Lifestyle Medicine Organization