Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine Institute – 2nd International Symposium in Leros!

The 2nd International Symposium of the Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine Institute  was held on the island of Leros. 

This year’s theme, following last year’s definition of the traditional Mediterranean Lifestyle (tMedLife), was “Expanding the Health Impacts of the Traditional Mediterranean Lifestyle: What We Know and What Needs to Be Done.”

The research team comprises renowned academics and researchers from around the world, specializing in various fields such as nutrition, physical activity, sleep studies, stress studies, and social connections.

The research is conducted in phases throughout the year, with meetings and discussions among the departments, under the coordination of Dr. Labros Sidossis, who is the President of the Institute.

The rendezvous is set on the island of Leros, where all research tends to culminate in the natural beauty of this island. People from all over the world, both within and outside Europe, visit the island and, over a 4-day period of activities and philosophical discussions, provide their own conclusions on the traditional Mediterranean way of life and its benefits.

The aim is to explore how distinct fields can be integrated under the umbrella of the traditional Mediterranean way of life and how this can be extended to every community in the Mediterranean and every family.

This year’s attendees number 45, representing 18 countries worldwide.