Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine Institute – 1st International Conference in Leros!



The first International Conference organized by the Mediterranean Lifestyle Medicine Institute has concluded.



The main theme of the conference was “Defining the Traditional Mediterranean Lifestyle” and it was held from the 9th to the 11th of June on the beautiful island of Leros.

Physicians, academics, and leaders of the Lifestyle Medicine movement from 19 countries attended the workshop and spent three days in Leros discussing the results of their eight-month joint effort to define the traditional Mediterranean Lifestyle.

We worked hard during those three days!

Our scientific sessions under the olive trees in the beautiful Crithoni’s Paradise Hotel were followed by cooking and dance workshops, a visit to nearby majestic islands with speed-boats, swimming in the Aegean Sea, riding e-bikes, eating in excellent tavernas, and dancing. All in moderation, of course!

The greatest news is that the definition will be published soon!